CYBER & STEAM Global Innovation Alliance

Welcome to CSTGIA!  Are you cut from a different cloth? Do people look to you as a change driver,  a difference maker, and an innovator

Do you come alive when thinking of serving women, youth, minorities, and veterans globally with information, resources, and economic ladders to help them grow, learn, and thrive?

Then you are in the RIGHT place. Our alliance is on a long-term industry transformative journey to grow to 10,000 partners, which serve 1,000,000 people globally within the STE"A"M, CYBER, and innovation arenas,  raising $10,000,000 for GOOD! 

Join our partner movement and help make a difference today!

Partners Making a DIFFERENCE!

Those We Serve

Are you a student, woman, minority, veteran, or entrepreneur  within the Cyber, STEAM and innovation fields?  Do you need access to global partners for education, training, conferences, scholarships, workshops, and other professional development and advancement opportunities?  Interested in making a global impact by leading, volunteering, and contributing to the global good?

Then CSTGIA is the right team for you, so Join Us as we work to positively impact the lives of our students, practitioners, budding entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Alliance Events

Desired Partners

Are you an academic, commercial, government, military, or non-profit organization looking to support CYBER, STE"A"M, and innovation initiatives globally?  Focusing on deepening your philanthropic endeavors and direct reach to youth, women, minorities, veterans, and entrepreneurs?  Wanting to  expand  global reach, build stronger community fabric, and support global populations with programs, technology, and economic development opportunities? Then CSTGIA is the team for you! Join Us as we build and grow our partnerships globally.

We harness the power of academia, industry, government, military, and non-profit communities to promulgate support for value-add  events, programs, research, and leadership development which focuses on technological advancements and programs within the CYBER, STEAM, and innovation arenas for social good.


We Need Your Support

We seek sponsors, donors, leaders, and community change makers whom want to make a difference globally. We seek champions, advocates, and action takers whom work to lift people up, empower their goals, and help bring their dreams to fruition. Our community fabric gets stronger every time we invest in the advancement of a student, woman, veteran, or entrepreneur. Consider sponsoring or donating in support of special CYBER, STE"A"M, and innovation partner initiatives that enable our member's and the broader ecosystem's success today!. Lastly, but just as importantly, we seek leaders and contributors to speak, write, publish, and assist with keeping the momentum of our movement going forward. Let us know if you have an interest in volunteering today.

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Cyber and STEAM Global Innovation Alliance (2018)

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