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Boolean Girl Presents: Full STEM Ahead

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Center for Cyber Safety and Education 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been asked to work for home with little information as to when things will be back to normal. Likewise, children are having to stay at home to avoid the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Parents around the world are in the hunt for resources that can entertain and educate their children without breaking the bank or having to go outside.

To help with this burden, the nonprofit Center for Cyber Safety and Education is offering, until the end of April, free access to its Garfield eLearning program. Children ages 6-12 will be able to access all three online lessons (Privacy, Safe Posting and Cyberbullying) during this period at no charge. These fun and engaging Garfield lessons were designed with the help of (ISC)2 members and the creative mind of Jim Davis. The three interactive cartoons will allow unlimited play without ads or in-game purchasing and no chatting options either. Garfield eLearning is compatible with iOS and Android. To access your free Garfield eLearning click here.


At EC-Council, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that learners and the business community continue to thrive remotely. EC-COUNCIL FREE RESOURCE PASS is our way of assuring you that we’re with you as we combat the effects of the COVID-19 situation, together. For now, keep learning, keep working, stay positive and definitely stay indoors.

Refer to our free content-rich resources for the information security community in the form of webinars, blogs, online video training, and much more. We hope you’ll find these resources instrumental in understanding the latest in cybersecurity research and technology. This repository of free cybersecurity resources is available to help support awareness and growth across a wide range of cybersecurity domains. Find resources here.


In light of the increasing concerns around COVID-19, and based on national and public health authority recommendations, TechGirlz will be postponing all in person TechShopz for the remainder of March and April (2020) at which time we will reassess national and public health recommendations. We will be removing all in person workshops for March and April from our website and registration forms accordingly.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make informed decisions regarding future TechShopz based on local and national public health authority recommendations. You can also follow the CDC for updates on virus prevention methods and announcements.

The TechGirlz team has been putting together a list of virtual/indoor activities for our TechGirlz families. We are gathering suggestions from our volunteer community and will continue to update the list regularly. 

We will continue to provide updates as the situation develops and new information becomes available. We look forward to seeing you at a future TechShop!

Cyber & STEAM Global Innovation Alliance (2018 - 2020)

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