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SIM Women Leadership Summit

  • 27 September 2018
  • Schaumburg, Illinois

As a leader in your industry, we ask you to join fellow technology and business leaders at our fourth national SIM Women Leadership Summit at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, near Chicago O’Hare Airport on September 27th, 2018. SIM Women promotes communication, mentorship, leadership and career development amongst the female members of the Society for Information Management – a society of almost 5,000 technology and business leaders.

We have gathered business and technology thought leaders, executive coaches, and authors to provide you with the latest solutions and trends for today and tomorrow’s business world. Our focus is on Leadership across the board and given teams want to work with purpose, we partner with national and area non-profit organizations for giveback and to educate attendees on how philanthropy is the newest engagement and retention tool!

Join us for a full day of leadership that will impact you, your career, and the success of your organization!

Information and Registration: http://simwomensummit.org/
SIM Women Mission:

SIM Women is a network for female CIOs and their direct reports that promotes mentoring, leadership and career development. The collaboration inside SIM Women between those women who have achieved success and those who are striving toward it offers the security of community while empowering women to achieve their full potential individually; similarly, female CIOs learn from each other and the subject matter experts SIM Women engages for all our webinars and regional events. We encourage our members to demonstrate leadership in action which includes reaching out to the next generation of leaders through mentoring and STEM programs, connecting corporate resources with non-profits supporting local communities, and serving as visible example of leadership – a shining light on a path others can follow.

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