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  • RMF and blockchain, not so perfect together!

RMF and blockchain, not so perfect together!

  • 23 February 2019
  • 09:30 - 11:30
  • Marymount University Ballston Center

Information Systems Security Association Northern Virginia Chapter (ISSA NoVa) Risk Management Framework (RMF) LifeBoat

Visit the meetup’s web site for the current topic description, the presenter’s bio, the meeting address, and simple logistics at URL: https://www.meetup.com/NCR-Risk-Management-Framework-Lifeboat/

Marymount University Ballston Center Room 4088 (room may change)

1000 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia

For those who do not wish to join the meetup community, please send an email to gingerdoetsch@gmail.com and you will be placed on the rmf.lifeboat@gmail.com blind copy distro list to receive meeting announcements. Non-Meetup members can RSVP for a meeting via this email address or by calling 703-402-4379.

Attendees earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) for participating in our ISSA Northern Virginia Chapter (ISSA NoVa) RMF LifeBoat Group meeting.

Abstract: Since Blockchain solves everything from logistics to legal file storage, from cancer to liverspo...wait, that’s snake oil!! 


Blockchain is an interesting technology, worthy and appropriate for use in certain situations. Not all situations and use cases are a good idea to use blockchain with, however.


In this talk, we’re going to discuss the best uses of blockchain, the legitimate and silly uses of it in compliance and risk management, and as a fun aside, how to audit the use of blockchain systems properly.


This is not an exhaustive technical talk, but a familiarization on the topic, and a discussion of use cases and audit protocols in a specific type of industry system, I.e., risk management, compliance, and governance. (GRC, for anyone reading backwards!)


Blockchain will be brought to you as a technology you should implement NOW!!! Learn when and how to say "No."

Presenter’s Bio: Mr Joshua Marpet is an accomplished speaker, long time information and physical security practitioner, as well as a startup CEO and serial entrepreneur.

He has presented on topics ranging from Facial Recognition to National Security, to audiences from government agencies, law enforcement, Fortune 5 companies, and many others. His research encompasses Digital Forensics, business security maturity, and how not to start an information security business!

Josh is a co-director of Security BSides Delaware, and was on the board of Hackers For Charity, BSidesLV, and the Cloud Security Alliance, Delaware Valley chapter. He is staff at multiple industry conferences, and speaks on a regular basis at conferences across the country. Currently, he’s the COO of Red Lion, LLC.

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