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Digital Privacy & Compliance

  • 20 February 2020
  • 17:30 - 20:30
  • Marymount University Balston Center

On February 20, people participating in our ISSA-NOVA interactive chapter meeting will focus on “Emerging data privacy requirements and how information security professionals can meet them”.

Attorney Linda Priebe and CISO/CPO of SiriusXM, Patty Edfors, will talk on Digital Privacy & Compliance. The information below on this handout is available at: https://issa-nova.org/chapter-meetings/1306/

Our two experts in privacy will engage in a discussion about current and emerging privacy laws and regulations. Attorney Linda Priebe will provide the latest concerning the laws and what companies must do to comply. Sirius XM radio CISO Patty Edfors will describe the actual technical implementations to meet those legal requirements.

Ms. Priebe is an attorney with Culhane Meadows where she practices digital privacy law with a focus on the US and Europe’s GDPR. Before joining Culhane Meadows, Ms. Priebe was Deputy General Counsel and Agency Ethics Official in the White House Office of Drug Policy.

In addition to being one of our own, Ms. Edfors is a longstanding CISO and privacy practitioner with a strong understanding of how to implement controls and policies that meet today’s increasingly complex and strict digital privacy requirements.

Information and RegistrationL https://issa-nova.org/chapter-meetings/1306/

Venue: Marymount University Balston Center 1000 N. Glebe Road, Rooms 4088 and 4028 Arlington, VA

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